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What's New > Upcoming Members Only Webinar - Dec 5th

Upcoming Members Only Webinar - Dec 5th

affiché le 7:19 PM, Octobre 26, 2023
Discover how to streamline communication, enhance project management, and foster seamless collaboration using Microsoft 365, while maximizing the potential of your organization.

Join us for our upcoming Members Only Webinar! 


Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Time: 9 am PST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST

Session: Unlocking the power of Microsoft 365 with Ryan Bialek

Members, find the resgitration link from our members events calendar here:


Effective management and collaboration are crucial for achieving organizational goals and maximizing impact. We will provide hands-on demonstrations and practical guidance on leveraging the power of the Microsoft 365 suite to effectively organize and collaborate with staff and volunteers. This webinar is designed specifically for volunteer managers and leaders. 

  • Chat, collaborate, host better meetings, and publish volunteer shift schedules in Microsoft Teams

  • Share files with internal and external collaborators from OneDrive

  • Stay on top of projects and tasks with Microsoft To Do and Planner

  • Bring staff and volunteers up-to-speed faster with centralized Training and News in SharePoint

  • Empower frontline staff and volunteers with new mobile experiences

You will discover how to streamline communication, enhance project management, and foster seamless collaboration, all while maximizing the potential of your organization. 

Join us to learn how to start utilizing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other essential tools within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.



Ryan Bialek, Manager - Modern Workplace, Clear Concepts

For most of his life, Ryan Bialek has been enthusiastic about technology – but he never thought he would build a career from his love of computers. Today, Ryan is a recognized advocate for the Microsoft Cloud, using his passion to help organizations digitally transform. Ryan has spent the last four years at Clear Concepts leading a Modern Workplace practice that has assisted hundreds of organizations realize the full potential of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Ryan provides leadership across a group of Software Trainers, Cloud Consultants, Data Scientists, and AI Developers.