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Impact Award - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I nominate myself? 

No, the VMPC member (nominee) must be nominated by someone they know professionally who can speak to their work in the field.  

Does the Nominator need to be a VMPC member? 

No, anyone can be the nominator if they know the nominee professionally to speak to their work in the field (i.e. supervisor, colleague, co-worker).  The nominee must be a member of VMPC. 

I received the VMPC Impact Award, can I be nominated again? 

No, you can only receive the award once. 

The nomination process indicates that the nominator and nominee complete the application jointly.  Why and how should this occur?

It’s preferred that the application is prepared jointly with the nominator and nominee to ensure all information regarding the nominee is complete and accurate.  The judging panel can only assess the application based on the information submitted.  The nominator should approach the nominee to inform them that they would like to nominate them.  If the nominee is agreeable, the nominator can write the letter of recommendation and prepare the answers to the questions on the application. These answers should be reviewed by the nominee to ensure they are complete and accurately reflect the work of the nominee.  

If I receive the award, how does the award money need to be spent?

The recipients of each award is encouraged use the award money towards professional development within the field of volunteer management. This could be for certification, education or other professional development opportunities (Ex CVA, Conestoga College, VMPC, provincial or local AVA Memberships, Hybrid Conference etc.)