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About Our Logo

CAVR logo

The Board of Directors approved the use of this logo at the March 18, 2014 meeting.

Our brand offers a wealth of images that speak of positive, vibrant energy, showcasing younger generations involved in networking, connecting, teaching, managing, organizing and implementing. A blue and grey colour palette creates a foundation of credibility, accountability, careful organization and management.

The brand identity symbol builds on these elements with individual and connected grey and graduated blue circles representing members of the organization. The diamond shape is often used to represent solidity, strength and stability. The symbol combines soft, rounded, organic shapes within a strong square framework. This represents a balance between human qualities of compassion and empathy, and the strength and dynamism of the organization. Subliminally a V shape is formed at all four corners of the diamond. As with any organization or group the sum of its parts make up the whole, leaving one with the feeling of a dynamically and professionally managed body of volunteers.