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Hello from Volunteer Canada

New Approaches to Engaging the Baby Boomer Generation
posted on 9:15 AM, October 9, 2008

Hello from Volunteer Canada


Many of you may be aware that over the last year, with the support of Investors Group, we have investigated the links between volunteering and healthy aging.  With an extensive literature review complete, new products and marketing strategies are being developed to educate the Canadian public and voluntary sector organizations on the many and varied health benefits related to volunteering as well as new approaches to engaging the Baby Boomer generation.


As a key partner and stakeholder of Volunteer Canada, we would like to present you with an excellent opportunity to highlight “Baby Boomer” volunteers in your organization or your community through short stories.  Not only will your stories allow you to recognize volunteers but you will also be helping Volunteer Canada in the creation of resources that are very applicable to modern recruitment campaigns and challenges.  Any stories you share will be considered for inclusion in our on-line resource which is aimed at the Baby Boomer cohort with a goal of encouraging them to continue to or to become a volunteer.  A brief narrative or even bullet points that we can use to craft a story would be very helpful. For added impact, specific quotes from you or your volunteers would be particularly valuable.  These quotes would likely be used in a sidebar.


Some suggested themes and variables on the type of short stories that we would like to cover in the resource are:

·        Specific professional skills put to use in a volunteer program (e.g. former marketing executive plans a new fundraising campaign for a non-profit, Chartered Accountant tracks income from the fundraising campaign on a pro bono basis, etc.)

·        A recent immigrant who finds new energy and a renewed lease on life

·        Someone who has promoted a specific cause that they’re passionate about (e.g. environmentalist saving a local habitat)

·        Distance or virtual volunteering examples

·        Responding to community needs (e.g. retired CEO or firefighter creates pet visitation program in their community, etc.)


Any accompanying web-quality photos that would enhance these stories would also be appreciated. 


We are hoping to launch this online resource by the end of the month so please pass along anything you wish to share to James Brophy (jbrophy@volunteer.ca), our Project Manager, at your earliest convenience.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you very much.


Don Lapierre

Sr. Manager, Programs and Voluntary Sector Relations /

Directeur principal, Programmes et relations avec le secteur bénévole

Volunteer Canada / Bénévoles Canada
1-800-670-0401, ext. 234   -   dlapierre@volunteer.ca