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What's New > Hot Topic Discussion: Aging Volunteers

Hot Topic Discussion: Aging Volunteers

posted on 10:54 AM, July 18, 2019

Hot Topic Discussion: Aging Volunteers

One of the most challenging situations we deal with is what to do when our long-time volunteers begin to show signs of decline. What do you do if it seems that your volunteer can no longer safely do their current role or are a potential risk to the safety of your clients or themselves? How can we work with our aging volunteers to modify placements to keep them involved as long as possible? How do we determine when it may be time to end their involvement? Most importantly, how do we plan for aging volunteers by developing protocols and procedures to address such situations and how do we be proactive by engaging in succession planning?

These are questions that we will be discussing and exploring in this interactive online meeting. We are trialing the use of zoom for this webinar which will allow us to all see, speak and share with each other. Please only sign up if you are willing to actively participate in the session as it is all discussion based and there are no “presentations.”

Co-hosted by: Kari Astles, CVRM, Senior Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement at the Brant Community Healthcare System

Second session

Date: Wednesday, August 7th
Time: 11:00am – 12:15pm (Pacific Time)/ 2:00pm – 3:15pm (Eastern)
Cost: FREE for VMPC members
Register at: https://www.vmpc.ca/cgi/page.cgi/Member_Only_Webinars.html

Note: Space is limited. Please only register for one of the sessions.

Questions? Email Lindsay at pd@vmpc.ca or call 604-659-3572.