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Obtain your CVA Designation

affiché le 2:32 PM, Juillet 17, 2020

Obtain your CVA (Certification in Volunteer Administration) Designation

Raise your professional profile, demonstrate your competency, and improve your practice by pursing your CVA designation this year. If you have more than 3+ years of experience coordinating volunteers you can apply.

Learn more about the application process, exam, and benefits at the upcoming virtual information session on Friday, July 24 with Faiza Venzant. Sign up details are here:

The final application date for a 2020 candidate is September 1, 2020 with the exam taking place the first two weeks of October. Information about the certification process is located here

To receive support from experienced CVAs, and to connect with others taking the exam, join VMPC’s certification group on Facebook ( run by our volunteers Angie Boehm and Deloree McCallum.

We hope to see your name in the list of CVA-certified members very soon!

Lindsay Baker, CVA
Chair of Professional Development