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What's New > Webinar: Leadership, Decision Making, and Organization Resilience in a VUCA² Environment

Webinar: Leadership, Decision Making, and Organization Resilience in a VUCA² Environment

affiché le 12:47 PM, Août 16, 2020


In this virtual webinar, we will explore how to operate and lead in a VUCA² Environment (V=Volatility, U=Uncertainty, C=Complexity, A=Ambiguity) such as a pandemic. This session will provide participants with insights that will guide their path to success in working through this environment we are currently experiencing. The concepts, tools and techniques shared and explored will serve for the current circumstances as well as future challenges and opportunities that may be experienced.  

In this session we will: 

  • discover strategies for overcoming the effects and impacts of a VUCA environment 
  • learn how to build a path to success using the VUCA² method 
  • discuss what is most critical for effectiveness and excellence in our personal and organization leadership in the current context 
  • find out how to make quality decisions in our personal and professional lives 
  • explore resilience - a critical competency from both a personal, operational, managerial and leadership perspective  
  • discover ways to develop and hone your organization resilience 


Presented by: Nowshad (Shad) Ali, CFRE, CPBA, CPVA, CEQ, TriMetrix HD. 


Shad has been serving the social impact sector for over 25 years and has worked in senior roles in several national organizations. He has chaired the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy Canada Research Committee and is a respected speaker and presenter at conferences like the AFP Toronto Congress. Shad is a thought leader and expert in Organization Growth and Development; Individual and Team Excellence and Hiring and Retaining Top Talent. His experience, training and expertise in human behaviour dynamics will be an influence on this session. 

Date:  Tuesday, September 29, 2020 

Time: 11:00 – 12:00pm (Pacific Time)/ 2:00 – 3:00pm (Eastern) 

Cost: FREE  

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