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Re: zTWmzhFEYMxlnW
par Celil, affiché le 4:39 PM, Mars 6, 2012
Dan,I've been on the road for a couple of days so had to get back to this post. Now I see what you were cimtenmong about and WP-Cache. It really isn't what the post is about but a question from another reader. And did you notice this post was from 2007? My question was about WP -cache as I wasn't familiar with it back then, and W3 Total Cache I don't believe even existed back then.When your comment came in I re-read the entire post (but did so from the editor where I couldn't see the comments) and found no reference to a cache program, thus my question on did you read the post.Maybe a reference to the comment left would have helped (especially since it is over 4 years old and many, many posts and comments have flowed over the dam since.)Glad you are still finding value in these old posts.Dave